ProduceFH: How to Compete with Netflix for Audience Attention

The Work From Home Life empowers people to sleep in, skip the commute and relax at work from the comfort of their own home. But those same benefits also make it easier for would-be webinar participants to tune out and watch Netflix. 

It’s time to add a little verve to your virtual events. Tune in on-demand as our own Kristine Harris and Stephanie Dang show you how your webinars can inspire the attention they deserve with smart, interactive experiences. Tune in to “ProduceFH: How to Compete with Netflix for Audience Attention” and learn how to

  • Design a webinar, from format to layout and design style, that keeps audiences engaged
  • Take advantage of video elements to enhance presentations, humanise your event and connect with audiences
  • Use engagement tools, such as Q&A, chat and more to boost interactivity throughout a webinar
  • Keep audiences focused on you with a programmatic webinar format, strategic CTAs and recommended content 

Get your audience #WebinarandStayStill.