Predicting 2021: Bold Ideas and Hot Takes For B2B Marketing Leaders

Has marketing changed forever? Will field events exist again? Is digital burnout now our worst fear?

We’re all starting the year with a LOT of questions. And, while we may not have the final answers, we can still have some fun trying to take some wild guesses at what may come for us this year.

Join Matt Heinz and a panel of sales and marketing experts for “Predicting 2021: Bold Ideas and Hot Takes For B2B Marketing Leaders,” to hear their experience-based predictions of what B2B marketers can expect in 2021. 

They will share:

  • Which components of your tech stack are a waste of your time and money
  • Huge mistakes companies make with their buying committee and persona structure
  • Why a digital only strategy is a fool’s strategy 
  • Much more!


  • Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing Inc.
  • Sally Duby, Managing Partner, The Bridge Group
  • Russ Somers, Chief Marketing Officer, TrustRadius

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