The ABCs of EBCs: Engaging Executives In a Digital World

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28 September 2021
| 12PM AEST | 10AM SGT


Mark Bornstein, VP of Marketing at ON24

Engaging executives is hard enough. But without face-to-face meetings and in-person events it’s even harder. The good news is, in a digital world we can build customised experiences that attract and engage executive audiences in new and creative ways. 

Attend “The ABCs of EBCs: Engaging Executives In a Digital World,” where Mark Bornstein (VP of Marketing, ON24) will show you how to build curated, interactive experiences including Executive Briefing Centers, Executive Roundtables and more, including how to:

  • Architect a virtual Executive Briefing Center 
  • Turn executive meetings and events into engaging digital experiences 
  • Create exclusive executive experiences within larger events 
  • Create personalised outbound experiences for executive audiences