Back to the (Marketing) Future Panel

Moderator: Mark Bornstein

Erin Molnar, Sr. Marketing Manager of Digital Events, SAP Concur
Dean Shaw, Global Webinar Program Manager, SAS Institute
Ed Hidden, Marketing Solutions Manager, D&H Distributing

Great Scott! Webinerds are leading the way!

Did we travel back in time? Or are we just now entering a digital-first paradigm?

COVID-19 turned the world upside down, and now we’re all adapting to marketing in the virtual world. A world where in-person events aren’t possible, but we’re still able to remain connected. A world where your marketing doesn’t stop no matter the time zone, country, budget or circumstances. 

How, you might ask? Through the same engaging, interactive webinar experiences we’ve always known. What has changed is that webinars are being used in even more innovative ways. Join us for this special on-demand panel to learn how your peers have redefined what webinar experiences can be, from virtual after-parties to company “TV” channels, and the people and processes you need to do the same. 

Because no matter what decade it is, one thing remains the same: creating amazing experiences for your audience is how you’ll remain successful in your future.