How To Do More With Less At Sitecore

Winnie Ang, Senior Field Marketing Manager at Sitecore

As marketers, we have A LOT on our plates. We juggle multiple projects, work with limited budgets, lean headcounts and are constantly (constantly) adapting to changes in the industry. Yet, somehow, we manage to pull it all together – and we make it look easy.

Sitecore’s Winnie Ang sure does.

For the second episode of the APAC B2B Marketing Chat series, ON24’s Senior Marketing Director of APJ, Tim Johnston, will interview Winnie Ang, Senior Field Marketing Manager at Sitecore, on how she juggles marketing priorities from local sales and marketing alignment to the HQ global marketing team’s corporate campaign and content initiatives. She’ll also share some pro tips and quick wins on driving efficiency to save valuable time and resources.

  • Maximise the impact of your existing content
  • Balancing local and global marketing priorities
  • Driving efficiency with quick wins

Work smarter, not harder!

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