Accelerating Digital Transformation for Marketing

Speaker: Mark Bornstein, Chief Webinerd and VP of Marketing, ON24

Industry 4.0 has changed how manufacturers build, scale and grow. At a time when everything is digital, manufacturing organisations that once relied on face-to face meetings and events have had to find new ways to generate leads, educate resellers and end-users, build their brands and drive revenue. 

Join us for Accelerating Digital Transformation for Marketing as we celebrate the companies that have proven their resiliency, reimagined their programs, and continued to bring value to their organisations through engaging digital experiences that build authentic human connections with prospects, partners and customers. You’ll see examples of how organisations like yours are: 

  • Using highly-targeted resource portals to educate distributors and resellers 
  • Delivering digital experiences drive thought leadership and product awareness
  • Using engagement insights to fine tune communication and outreach initiatives 

Isn’t it time your marketing was as innovative as your products and services?

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