How to Convert Webinar Leads into Customers

Speaker: Mark Bornstein,
Chief Webinerd and VP of Marketing, ON24

Effective webinars don’t just generate leads, they engage buyers and accelerate their journey towards a purchase decision. Attend “How to Convert Webinar Leads into Customers” and learn strategies and best practices from marketing and sales experts on how to optimise webinars to turn audience engagement into the actionable data needed to turn those names…into customers.

In this interactive session, you will learn:

  • How to optimise webinar consoles to drive key conversions
  • How to turn audience engagement into actionable data
  • Tips for integrating data into Marketing automation and CRM systems
  • How to work with sales teams to increase lead conversion Simply generating leads is not enough.

This is your chance to transform your webinar programs into pipeline machines. Watch now and learn how.

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