Lessons from 1,000 Webinars: An Inside Look at Informa’s Webinar Engine

What do you learn from running 1,000 webinars a year?

A whole heck of a lot about a whole range of topics – including audience engagement, promotion, quality control, operational efficiency, analytics, innovation, and client management.

Tim Stark leads a team at Informa which provides webinar management services to over 100 brands across 30 different markets. In this on-demand webinar, he’ll share his best practices, answer your questions, and provide a well-seasoned perspective on these and other issues:

  • Developing webinar content that audiences love
  • Modernising the ‘virtual event’ experience
  • Creating and promoting webinars as a series
  • Maintaining webinar quality at scale
  • Reporting and analysing webinar results

Whether you run one webinar a month or 100, Tim’s experience will improve your webinar programme.

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