6 Low-Cost Hacks to Drive Demand in Weeks (not Months)

No matter their industry or company size, B2B marketers everywhere are being asked to create a marketing plan B ASAP. The requirements? Make up the demand gap left by our tried-and-proven channels effectively disappearing due to shelter-at-home and WFH mandates (looking at you direct mail and live events). For many of us that means an apparent slowing of buyer purchase decisions or entire sections of our ICP dissolving.

Sound familiar?

Join two demand gen veterans, Tessa Barron of ON24 and Jodi Cerretani of RollWorks, for a 20-min webinar where they reveal six of their low-cost hacks proven to drive demand in days or weeks (not months). No fluff. No “thought leadership.” Just six actual tactics (with screenshots, vendor names, and other execution details) sure to generate low-cost, high impact demand fast.