5 Lessons from B2C Marketing to Innovate B2B Experiences

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Tessa Barron, VP, Marketing, ON24
Lucia Novara, Associate Creative Director, Intelligent Demand
Katie Bernheisel, Senior Art Director, Intelligent Demand

In an era where we can order lunch with the click of a button and get our coffee brewed by a robot, it makes sense that we’re also experiencing the birth of what Forrester calls the “B2B Consumer.”

But applying a B2C mindset to B2B methodology takes more than better content or logo-stamped swag — it takes a total obsession across every part of the customer journey, and offering your audience an experience that’s integrated, engaging, personalized and human.

Join us as the marketing experts from ON24 and Intelligent Demand explain how marketers can create experiences across the funnel that delight “B2B Consumers,” drive revenue and convert them into lifelong customers. During this live webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to info-tain your audience with interactive, engaging experiences that offer serious value without being boring
  • Integrate personalized offerings and real-time conversations across digital channels
  • How to harness the power of self-selection through multimedia, bingeable content consumption
  • Accelerate conversion with multitouch experiences
  • Capture prospect data to inform the next step and help sales continue the conversation

Watch “5 Lessons from B2C Marketing to Innovate B2B Experiences” and learn how to create marketing your audience can’t get enough of — Watch now!