Virtualized 2020

Digital Event Awards

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Speakers: Mark Bornstein, VP of Content Marketing, ON24 
Jane Menyo, Director Global Strategic Marketing, ON24

In a digital-first world marketing events are being re-defined by their ability to create engaging experiences that connect to audiences on a human level. What do great digital events look like in a post-covid world? Now you can find out… 

Attend the 2020 Virtualized Digital Event Awards and see how marketers just like you have been pivoting their in-person events into engaging, interactive, branded digital experiences that are putting old attendance rates to shame. You will see great event examples from leading companies including:

  • Best overall event experience
  • Great event branding (from beginning to end to afterparty)  
  • Best event networking and engagement
  • Best globalization of an event

It’s time to rethink digital events and deliver experiences that drive engagement, create demand and generate revenue. Watch now.

Mark Bornstein

As VP of Content Marketing at ON24, Mark is the chief evangelist and marketing strategist for ON24. He brings more than 20 years of content marketing, corporate communications and account management experience at leading companies.