Digital Event Awards

Speakers: Mark Bornstein, VP of Content Marketing, ON24 
Jane Menyo, Director Global Strategic Marketing, ON24

In a digital-first world marketing events are being re-defined by their ability to create engaging experiences that connect to audiences on a human level. What do great digital events look like in a post-covid world? Now you can find out… 

Attend the 2020 Virtualized Digital Event Awards and see how marketers just like you have been pivoting their in-person events into engaging, interactive, branded digital experiences that are putting old attendance rates to shame. You will see great event examples from leading companies including:

  • Best overall event experience
  • Great event branding (from beginning to end to afterparty)  
  • Best event networking and engagement
  • Best globalization of an event

It’s time to rethink digital events and deliver experiences that drive engagement, create demand and generate revenue. Watch now.

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