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Return on Engagement Week

When it comes to our marketing, metrics matter. But capturing the “right” insights isn’t always cut and dry. Especially in a hybrid world where we’re juggling between physical and digital touchpoints, navigating non-linear buying journeys and collecting more data than we know what to with. 

It’s time to rethink old metrics and double down on data that actually converts.

Join us from 16-20th August at 11am BST | 12pm CEST for “Return on Engagement Week,” a week-long virtual summit where five of the most cutting-edge companies – in industries ranging from tech to life sciences to manufacturing and beyond – will show you why engagement is the ultimate metric for marketing success, and how to maximise your return on engagement to convert prospects into customers.  

During this event, you’ll discover: 

  • How to rethink success metrics for a hybrid world 
  • Tricks to maximise engagement during your webinar and digital-events 
  • How to use engagement data to get a 360-degree view of your prospects
  • Real-world examples of how leading brands use audience engagement to turn webinar and event attendees into sales conversations  

Is ROE the new ROI? Register now and find out. 

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Keynote Session
On Demand

Monday 16th

Thermo Fisher Scientific11am BST | 12pm CEST

On Demand

Tuesday 17th

Informa11am BST | 12pm CEST

On Demand

Wednesday 18th

Zendesk11am BST | 12pm CEST

On Demand

Thursday 19th

Bentley Systems11am BST | 12pm CEST

On Demand

Friday 20th

Agilent Technologies11am BST | 12pm CEST