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Webinar World 2018: Building Empathy in a Digital World with Laura Ramos

The future of marketing is, largely, automated. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other software solutions will help marketers reach more people faster than before. This is good, but the push to scale may come at the cost of the professional’s most critical asset: being empathetic. For tomorrow’s marketers to truly stand out, they’ll need to know how to be personable on a digital scale. After all, it takes a human touch to engage in the digital world.

Today, that means marketers have to do two things: be a technologist and be empathetic with others at every point of engagement. But how can you be empathetic while maintaining a digital scale?

Thankfully, there is a lot of research on how B2B marketers can connect with their audiences and customers to drive empathetic communications. In fact, it’s a subject we’re going to dive deep into at our upcoming conference, Webinar World 2018: Engagement in the Digital World.

To help facilitate this conversation, we’re thrilled to announce Laura Ramos, Forrester’s VP and principal analyst for B2B marketing will discuss empathy and its importance in marketing today during the General Session on Wednesday, March 7. It’s a critical session no B2B marketer — webinar or not — can afford to miss.

Register for Webinar World 2018 today to learn how your organization can develop an empathetic streak in its marketing programs and boost customer satisfaction.