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Webinar Best Practices Series: On-Demand Webinars

Your on-demand webinar audience awaits

So, your webinar is over and it’s time to move on to the next project, right? Wrong. There’s still a lot more you can do with your event with on-demand webinars, content repurposing and more. Here are a few tips for what to do after your webinar.


With the right on-demand strategy, your best webinars can live forever. Convert your webinar to on-demand assets right away to allow your customers and prospects to engage at their convenience post-event. Make sure you provide the same interactive functionality as a live event. Follow up with prospects to let them know your webinar is now available on-demand, then promote your event to drive registration.

Keys to Building a Webinar On-Demand Strategy

Want to increase your attendance by 30% without having to do any more work? Sounds too good to be true, but that’s the beauty of on-demand webinars. Once your webinar is over, the content and engagement continue. Get our guide to make your webinars live on.


Show your audience some post-event love. Keep them engaged with an effective follow-up strategy. At the very least, you should thank attendees for coming, and let them know the event is available on demand. Remind them that you are available to answer any questions, promote upcoming events and recommend related content.

Bring Your Webinars Back from the Dead

For a marketer, there’s nothing more depressing than letting resources go to waste. So, keep your webinars flourishing, turning the content into other assets or simply repurposing the live version as an on-demand webinar. Our Chief Webinerd Mark Bornstein explains how to revive your webinars and reincarnate the content.


Congratulations, your webinar was great! Now, use what you learned to zero in on your most engaged prospects, and share a detailed profile of their behavior with your sales team. Qualify leads by using engagement to uncover a prospect’s intent and readiness to buy before passing them onto sales.

Better Engagement, Better Leads

You know that moment when you get an email that starts with, “Hi [insert name], your [insert company]” and all you want to do is delete? We share your pain. It’s time to stop treating leads as data points and start engaging them as people.