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It’s Time to Wake Up Your Webinar Data

January 29th, 2021 Michael Mayday

Businesses crave data. The more collected, the more companies can investigate the hidden insights into why personas act the way they do, what they want and what they truly need. Data fuels business intelligence and peels back a persona’s layers — giving businesses a better understanding of the people behind the concept.

The ON24 platform wakes marketers up to engaging prospects at scale with engrossing webinars and events across the buying cycle. But ON24 provides more than engaging webinars. It also provides marketers with the tools needed to peel back a persona’s layers.

The tools are in ON24’s intelligent analytics. Measure interest through engagement. Appraise interest through polls. Research curiosity through downloaded resources. Qualify leads by merely asking. By collecting an average of 40 data points per-webinar — not just one — ON24 gifts marketers and sales with actionable data that drives real pipeline results, setting your business above the rest.

That’s because ON24’s intelligent insights supply marketers with detailed analysis on each webinar attendee — scoring them on engagement with a company’s messaging, time spent watching a webinar, questions asked, resources downloaded and much, much more. These data points help marketers better qualify leads, sifting the not-yet-ready for sales from the “let’s talk” prospects.

For example, let’s say a new lead joins at the beginning of a campaign. With ON24, a marketer can track that lead’s progress through the campaign, measuring which messages resonate, which don’t and what the prospect is interested in learning. ON24 even gives marketers the tools to measure the success of a campaign over various webinars.

The ON24 marketing platform enables marketers to accelerate the sales process by making data simple to understand and act on. Get granular with your data. Get grand with it as well. Get reports on your webinar audience in real-time and respond in real-time. With ON24, you have more data, better leads and the tools to better understand your audience. Get intelligent with your webinar data today to truly maximize your business goals.

To learn more about how you can wake up your webinars and get better insights into your audience, go here