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Announcing Webinar World 2020: Experiences Everywhere

We’ve heard it all before: Spammy. Creepy. Disruptive. Annoying. Clickbait. Marketing. Since when did marketing become a bad word? Well, ever since marketers decided to rely on marketing technology over audience experience.

It’s time for marketers to create experiences that audiences actually demand, not ignore. To do that, our experiences need to start conversations, surround audiences with information that’s valuable and delivers content in a way that’s entertaining, informative and relevant. 

That’s why, at Webinar World 2020, we’re exploring how we, as marketers, can deliver better Experiences Everywhere. Taking place at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco on June 15 and 16, this two-day event will provide you with the skills you need to organize, craft, deliver and refine experiences that connect with audiences on their terms. 

Here’s what’s going to happen: 

On day one, we’ll offer you and your team the opportunity to receive the industry’s first and only “Webinar Marketing Certification.” This half-day certification program provides attendees with the skills and best practices they need to organize, produce and refine webinars throughout the entire webinar lifecycle. 

On day two, we’ll host our annual Webinar World conference. There, you’ll learn from like-minded peers and genuine #webinerds on how they create, refine and reproduce webinar programs and content experiences that stand out and drive experiences audiences crave. 

So how can you participate? Simple. Register here and choose whether you would like to participate in our certification program (taking place June 15), our conference (taking place June 16) or both. Then, make your way to Webinar World on June 15 and 16. 

Keep an eye on both this blog and our registration page over the coming months — we’ll update both spaces with conference tracks, tips on making your Webinar World experience great and practical best practices that you can use to make your webinar program shine. 

Let’s make 2020 the year that we stop creating experiences audiences avoid and start creating experiences they want. See you at Webinar World! 

Have a unique, interesting webinar-related experience to share as an ON24 Master? Submit it to our Call for Speakers for a chance to present at Webinar World 2020! Click here for more details.