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MEDIA ALERT: Trends in Employee Training

April 24th, 2013

ON24 Survey Uncovers the Best and Worst in On-the-Job Training

SAN FRANCISCO — April 24, 2013 — ON24, the global leader in webcasting and virtual communication solutions, has conducted a comprehensive employee survey on the best and worst of on-the-job training. Five hundred people gave enlightening answers, including:

• The bosses need more training, too: 45 percent of executives and managers “need the most training,” with eight percent of CEOs, 12 percent of executives, and 25 percent of mid-level managers described in the same way. Fifty-five percent of entry-level employees “need the most training.”

Some industries train well: Best-trained industries are:
o Medical/pharmaceutical – 49 percent
o Technology – 30 percento Education – 27 percento Accounting – 24 percent
• Room for improvement: 69 percent said the state of training at work was “good” or “very good,” while 22 percent said training was “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” (9 percent).

• Big quality and consistency gaps: 48 percent said that training occurs too infrequently, and 45 percent indicated that training content is inconsistent. Boring and outdated material was reported by 25 percent. Twenty-two percent said training was inconvenient, and 12 percent said that materials are hard to access.

• Prioritization: While 43 percent reported that training is a top priority in their organizations, 15 percent said it is not a priority.

• Driving success: 80 percent said training helps them do their jobs better, and 67 percent said it improves company performance. Fifty-seven percent said it can “enhance their career,” and only 2 percent indicated that training is not important.

• Virtual training benefits: Respondents see the value of accessing online content, citing these benefits: available anytime, anywhere (80 percent), easier to access (56 percent), interesting materials (31 percent) and easier to remember (21 percent).

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