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Make Continuing Education and Certification More Engaging

Continuing Education and Certification

Deliver content like trainings and chapterized videos through live, always-on and personalized webinar experiences that educate and engage your audience. Test, track and assess performance through certification and other conversion tools on the ON24 platform.

We’ve been able to cut the prep sessions with our speakers from an hour to half the amount of time, since it is so easy to understand from the presenter’s perspective.

Adam Larson, Learning and Development Product Manager, IMA (Institute of Management Accountants)

By allowing our members to complete certification during our webinar, we've saved time, improved the attendee experience and expect to vastly increase the amount of CPE credits awarded by offering CPE through our on-demand events.

Tricia Stillman, Director Member & Volunteer Services, IASA

With ON24, we've been able to cut costs, reduce training time by 75%, and increase webinar cadence by 300%.

Miles Szkoda, Web Content Specialist, Jameson Publishing, Inc.

Flexibility for the modern instructor

With ON24 webinars and experiences, educators can access actionable insights on first-person data to understand what materials are working and why and to optimize Corporate Professional Education (CPE) workflows and programs.

Enlighten the modern learner

Let learners work at their own pace and personalize their learning experience through the ON24 platform. Build in assessments that challenge learners as they work through coursework. With ON24 Conversion and Engagement Tools, learners can earn CPE credits while attending your webinars based on engagement levels and provide feedback through surveys and polls.

Cut the cost and complexity of training

Use the ON24 platform to cut traditional training costs with less travel and greater global reach. ON24 webinars and platform features eliminate the need to conduct multiple productions and empowers trainers to focus their full attention on what’s most important: the students.

20K CPE credits issued

With over 20K in credits issued, RSM is a CPE master. The company makes it look "easy peasy" by using ON24 Engagement Tools like, polling, requirement tracking and self-service certificates.



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