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Breathe Creativity Back Into Go-to-Market | MOMENTUM ’22

March 9th, 2022 Michael Mayday

When you have a new product or service to announce, what do you do? Well, the first step is almost always to develop a go-to-market strategy.

Go-to-market strategies — or GTM for those who like their initialisms — are essential, step-by-step plans for launching products into a market. These strategies are important and carry a lot of weight, but at times they can feel drab and ineffective.

When that happens, it’s up to marketers to breathe new life into their GTM approach.

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But how? By stepping back and introducing some creativity into the equation.

To help you build and maintain this creative momentum, we’re hosting our first annual partner summit, MOMENTUM ’22. During this one-day event, taking place on March 30, we and our partner network will show B2B marketing teams, sellers and professionals of all stripes how to build and sustain momentum behind their ideas and turn those ideas into measurable results.

What’s in store for MOMENTUM ’22? We’re going to explore a variety of topics today’s B2B marketers must master to ideate, create and measure high-quality experiences — and a lot more.

Here’s what you can expect:

    • Insights into the data that matters and how you can capitalize on it
    • How to drive effective personalization without overwhelming your audience
    • Tips and tricks for aligning engagement strategy with your experiences — and turning that engagement into sales-ready leads
    • Suggestions on how to unify sales and marketing teams to drive revenue results

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To show you how you can breathe life back into your GTM approach, we sat down with Katrena Mantach, Director of Field Marketing at Sendoso and Brandon Santos, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Bombora, to draw up some inspiration.

Read on to learn what they had to say.

How Can Marketers Breathe Life Back Into Their GTM Strategies With Katrena Mantach and Brandon Santos

Q: What’s the best way marketers can cut through the noise with their GTM approach?

Katrena Mantach:

Be unique, intentional and have fun with it. We’re all humans, seeking another human connection. Think about how you would want to be approached and incorporate that into your outreach.

Brandon Santos:

The best way to cut through the noise in the market is by getting in front of people who are actually looking for you. A great way to do that is through third-party Intent data, like Company Surge® from Bombora.

Our quick pitch: Company Surge allows you to identify which accounts are showing increased interest and activity in the areas that your solution addresses — even if they’re looking into your competitors. You can personalize your campaign offers and content around topics that accounts are already researching as a way to cut through the noise in the market.

Once you’re getting in front of an ideal audience with Intent data, you can then deliver experiences that people are more likely to engage with — for example, like the carousel post format on LinkedIn.

Want to learn more about how you can build momentum? Join us for MOMENTUM ’22 to learn how you can get more out of your marketing today. Register here.

Register for Momentum '22 today.