Advanced Engagement Techniques


After you have mastered basic engagement techniques, there is a whole host of advanced techniques that can be used to take your digital experiences to the next level. This will allow you to gain further insight into your audience and allow for buyers to consume richer experiences. Leverage this playbook after having a mastery of the content within the basic engagement techniques playbook. This playbook will cover the Inputs, Activities, Team and Deliverables for advanced engagement techniques.

Outcomes of this play

Understanding​ of Advanced Engagement Technique

You will understand the available tools to advance audience engagement. ​With the basics under your belt, this playbook will allow you to uncover what new opportunities lie with other engagement techniques.

Engagement-first Experiences​

Advanced marketers will be able to start to create digital experiences around what engagement they are hoping to drive. This allows you to break free from the cage of audio and slide-only webinars.

Increased Audience Data​

Advanced techniques allow you to unlock additional insights from your audience based on their behavior during and after a digital experience.​ These techniques can advance the application of the framework of buyer-enablement and understanding buying signals.


Inputs: Personas

Personas are the cornerstone of understanding how to engage your audience and were also included in the basic engagement technique playbook. Even more so for advanced marketers, personas are required to understand the type of engagement they are looking for in a digital experience. This puts the style of engagement at the center of the creation of a digital experience.

Inputs: Martech Capabilities

You will initially need to work within the confines of your current Martech stack. For example, as part of your digital-first marketing strategy you uncover the need for chat interaction with buyers or customers… how can you do that? Do you need to investigate a stand-alone chat vendor or do vendors you work with today have chat functionality that you can enable?​ However, most marketers discover that there are additional capabilities within their Martech stack that they haven’t unlocked and can be tapped for these experiences.

Activities: Understanding Advanced Engagement Techniques

The first core area to explore with engagement techniques is social media. Integrating social media from within a digital experience will empower audience members to share with their audiences. This can help to amplify your message and drive more attendance to the live or on-demand experience. Group chat is an advanced technique to engage audiences, the key here is having appropriate prompts built into the content and experience to get the discussion going related to your topic. Additionally, a key to success for enabling group chat is having a moderator to help facilitate that discussion. This can be tricky for the presenter(s) to multi-task. Finally, certification can be a useful tool to measure engagement and get an attendee to also promote their certification after an event or series.


The required team members to operationalize advanced engagement techniques include:

  • Marketing operations
  • Demand generation
  • Digital marketing
  • Presenters/talent

Deliverables: Digital Experience Brief


  • Certifications completed
  • Certification progress
  • Group chat engagement
  • # of group chat participants
  • Social media engagement
  • Retweets
  • Share of Voice

Next Steps

Marketers who have graduated to enabling advanced engagement techniques will have increased their digital marketing toolkit. By moving from a tactic-centered approach, they will create experiences based on the engagement they wish to drive. An important consideration for them will also be how to enable presenters to feel comfortable with these new techniques.

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