Town Hall Meetings

For most large-enterprise organizations, the company all-hands or town hall meeting is one of the most important events in a corporate communications strategy. The company town hall is typically an annual or quarterly meeting, attended by every employee, that allows the CEO and/or management to present company goals, awards and recognition; engage in planning sessions; and provide inspiration for the work ahead.

ON24 Town Hall webinar console

ON24 webcasting enables you to provide all of your employees with the ability to both watch and participate in the activities of a traditional town hall meeting from anywhere in the world. Virtual town hall meetings can be customized to include chat functionality for Q & A, surveys and polling and real-time collaboration tools to create a fully interactive town hall experience for every employee, regardless of location.

Webcasting events to large groups on enterprise networks can present a number of network challenges. ON24 supports a variety of congestion-avoidance strategies that are consistent with the approaches preferred by enterprise IT staffs.

ON24 multicasting

Unicast Replication

Unicast replication involves deploying unicast servers (Windows Media or Flash) in each major segment of an enterprise network. The ON24 webcast platform pulls the audio / video media from the unicast server in the local network segment and displays it into the attendee’s webcast console.

ON24 transparent proxies


With multicasting, the ON24 webcast platform delivers a media stream (Flash or Windows Media) to a multicast source in the client’s network environment that is provisioned to utilize the network elements (routers and switches) to replicate the traffic to users scattered around the enterprise.

ON24 network

HTTP Streaming

ON24 supports Adobe’s HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS). In conjunction with WAN Optimization devices, such as Riverbed’s Steelhead appliances and Bluecoat’s caches, enterprise networks can achieve very low levels of bandwidth absorption. Typically, no changes to the enterprise network are required to enable this technology.

ON24 peer-to-peer

Peer-to-Peer Distribution

ON24 supports both Kontiki and Octoshape peer-to-peer methods. These technologies rely on a client on the local systems, which allows streaming media to be redistributed among clients on a local network, providing bandwidth utilization similar to a multicast technique for networks that are not multicast-enabled. These methods can also be configured to support mixed internal and external clients, simplifying access for travelers and home office users.


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