Elite Presentations

Elite Presentations provides a better way to create and deliver professional-quality online presentations, in just a few simple steps right from your computer. Elite Presentations brings the power to engage audiences with interactive, on-demand multimedia content for marketing, training, and corporate communications.

What can I use Elite Presentations for?

  • Marketing

    Create and deliver high ROI marketing communications for demand generation and product launches

    Nurture your pipeline with interactive presentations that engage your audience

    Capture registration and attendee activity data using real-time analytics

    Extend the life of your content by publishing to easily embedded channels where viewers can select webcasts that match their interests

    Maximize reach of your content with no downloads and support for mobile devices

  • Training

    Add impact to virtual learning with video, graphics, interactivity, and collaboration

    Enable subject matter experts with easy to use recording and editing tools

    Create interactive learning environments that engage students and drive higher learning outcomes

How It Works

Elite Presentations step 1

Build Your On-Demand Webcast

Build your online presentation one slide at a time with an easy to use software interface. One click publishing allows you to share your work immediately.

Elite Presentations step 2

Design your Audience Console

Choose from a list of custom templates or start your console design from scratch. The entire console is customizable; plus, you have access to the exciting list of interactive widgets to further customize the experience.

Elite Presentations step 3

Setup Your Registration Page

Attract attendees with professional, organized and aesthetically appealing promotional copy using familiar formatting tools and including links and embedded videos. Choose from a list of common registration fields or create your own custom fields.

Elite Presentations step 4

Review Realtime Analytics

Review detailed statistics on attendee activities—including time spent viewing the presentation, content downloaded, poll and survey responses, and QandA results, enabling you to put together a detailed behavioral profile of attendees for better lead scoring and event analysis.

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