Virtual Environments

ON24 Virtual Environments combine engaging interactive locations, social networking, live webcasts and web-based collaboration tools. The ON24 platform is highly customizable and can easily be tailored for a wide range of applications including virtual learning, marketing programs and HR communications.

Benefits of Virtual Environments

Benefits of ON24 Webcasting Solutions

Engaging and Interactive Virtual Experiences

Offer your audience an engaging virtual experience with interactive locations, webcasts, social networking, scheduled chats, idea storming, blogs, and more. » Download Datasheet PDF

Enterprise Security
and Reliability

Fully redundant enterprise-class platform that includes single sign on, employee authentication, role-based access, and other security features.

Design Your Environment with
"Drag & Drop" Tools

Easy and intuitive tools to create and maintain your virtual environment.

Measure, Analyze, Adjust, and Optimize

Real-time reports allow you to measure user behavior, content popularity and social networking interactions.

What can I use Virtual Environments for?


» Increase the number of event attendees
by 2 - 5 times, while extending your reach
to global audiences

» Reduce event costs by up to 90% by eliminating venue, travel, and speaker expenses

» Increase number of expert-led sessions
by 2 - 4 times by enabling them to
participate remotely

» Improve attendee engagement and networking by leveraging social media, collaboration tools, blogs, gamification,
and more

Talent Management

» Reach global audiences while reducing costs by up to 90%

» Simplify and personalize your training by guiding students on intuitive tailored paths

» Offer more engaging training sessions with live webcasts, social media, networking, interactivity, and collaboration

» Deliver interactive training content to your learners on their tablets and mobile phones

» Develop more effective training by measuring learner participation, feedback and completion rates more effectively

» Support for training courses, prerequisites, automated testing, certificate issuance, and learning management system integration

Human Resources

» Extend the reach of your recruiting and education programs to a global audience, while significantly reducing costs

» Attract candidates from colleges that your company is unable to visit in-person

» Cultivate relationships with future
job candidates and project a
"cool company" image

» Drive awareness of specific benefits programs such as health insurance, college savings plans, and retirement programs.

» Serve the messaging and communications needs of various audiences, including different demographic groups

Example Applications

» Trade Shows

» User Conferences

» Product Launches

» Solution Showcases

» Partner Marketing

» View case study

» New Hire Onboarding

» Leadership Development

» Employee Training

» Sales / Partner Training

» Customer Education

» View case study

» Recruiting Centers

» Career Fairs

» Open Enrollment

» Benefits Education

» View case study

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