What's Trending in B2B Marketing? Improving the Marketing-to-Sales Handoff

David Fortino, Chief Strategy Officer at NetLine Corporation
Kate Athmer, VP of Growth at Bombora
Tessa Barron, VP Marketing at ON24

B2B marketers know that tying their work to the bottom line is critical for credibility. We face the revenue question in every major management meeting. And it’s massively frustrating when the hard-earned leads we provide to sales don’t turn into meetings. So what can we do to make sure our efforts don’t fall flat after that first handover to sales?

Watch the next “What’s Trending in B2B Marketing?”, where David Fortino (Chief Strategy Officer at NetLine Corporation), Kate Athmer ( VP of Growth at Bombora) and Tessa Barron (VP Marketing at ON24) will explore how you can turn your marketing leads into successful sales meetings. 

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How to structure your processes and operations to make sure marketing leads turn into opportunities
  • The steps to ensure that leads who aren’t quite ready don’t disappear after a sales call
  • Why good data and perfect timing is a key driver of success
  • Why more meetings might not always be the answer for marketing success

This is your chance to turn your MQLs into your most promising opportunities. Watch now.

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