Going Global: How to Create Local Experiences for Regional Audiences

Andrew Warren-Payne, Market2Marketers

Emily Smith, Marketing Director, EMEA @ ON24
David Fortino, Chief Strategy Officer @ NetLine Corporation
Jay Famico, Chief Research Officer @ Ironhorse

When one of your campaigns has performed brilliantly in one region, it shouldn’t be surprising that you’re asked to replicate it in another market — particularly if your colleagues in international offices don’t have the same resources you do. After all, now that buying decisions are online, it’s easy to think that reaching new markets is no big deal.

In reality, international marketing is far from easy. A program that drives a ton of business in one market can easily fall flat in another. Worse still, you may even damage your brand or scupper existing deals. So what are the steps you should follow before you simply copy and paste your marketing and promote it in another part of the world?

Join experts from ON24, NetLine and Iron Horse to learn how you can successfully scale your B2B marketing in new markets and avoid the common yet hard-to-see pitfalls of international marketing. You’ll discover:

  • How to recalibrate your targeting based on regional characteristics.
  • Why great localization is much more than translation.
  • The cultural considerations that make local buying processes very different.
  • The actionable steps you should follow before running your existing campaigns in new markets.

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