5 Ways to Drive Hybrid Engagement with Direct Mail & Virtual Events

Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing @ ON24
Eva Jackson, Director Demand Generation Marketing @ PFL

Creating impactful hybrid-event experiences takes the right mix of both physical and digital touchpoints. But how do you bring those elements together to create one cohesive event journey that drives engagement, and turns potential customers into lifetime advocates? 

Be sure to watch “5 Ways to Drive Hybrid Engagement with Direct Mail & Virtual Events”. During this webinar, ON24’s VP of Marketing, Tessa Barron and PFL’s Director of Demand Generation Marketing, Eva Jackson will show you how to drive virtual-event attendance, engagement and conversion by incorporating strategic direct-mail touches across the buying journey. 

You’ll learn how to use direct mail to: 

  • Drive hybrid-event registration and attendance 
  • Drive engagement through gamification and other fun incentives 
  • Nurture post-event sales conversations and close more deals 
  • Re-engage and re-up the no shows 

Go beyond digital outreach to maximize ROI. Watch now.

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