Digital Experiences Benchmark: Technology 2021 Report


This report will evaluate the performance of digital experiences in the financial services industry. It looks at how companies are deploying digital experiences and how audiences are consuming and interacting with this content. It also evaluates this data against all industry data, providing takeaways for areas of improvement.

Financial services audiences had significant growth in engagement in the past year. Overall engagement during webinars and engagement with CTAs at the end of experiences rose 74.04% and 2,602.55%. The industry saw some normalization of conversion to attendee rates throughout the year and ended 2.09 percentage points higher for on-demand viewing and 7.44 percentage points lower for live in 2021. This is important to note as financial services marketers think about promotion strategy for experiences in 2022.


Digital Experience Conversion

Audiences converted to live and on-demand experiences at 50.24%, a decline year over year of 4.58 percentage points.


Attendee Time

Technology audiences’ average time increased by 11.12% year over year, to 56.69 minutes.


The average number of webinar attendees in 2021 was 112.75, which was a minor decline of 1.41% from 2020.



Technology audiences averaged 14.53 questions per experience. This is under one question shy of the all industry average.

Engagement Actions

The engagement rate during experiences increased 43.68% from 2020.

Calls to Action

Technology audiences requesting a meeting increased 670.23% year over year, the result of marketers aligning CTAs better to the buyer’s journey.

Content Experiences & Personalized Experiences

Personalized Experience Conversion.

Technology audiences converted more to personalized experiences 2.86 percentage points less in 2021.

Content Experience Conversion

Technology audiences converted to content experiences more in 2021, with a 17.74 percentage point increase year over year.

Engagement Actions

In personalized experiences, growth in engagement actions taken grew exponentially at 3157.14%



Quarterly Analysis








The key themes coming from technology organizations for digital experiences in 2021 include: 




Technology marketers had stable results throughout 2021. 2022 will be about finding opportunities for innovation within digital experience formats. Additionally, with average length of attendance on the rise, marketers not seeing similar results should evaluate and audit their experiences to better understand audience behavior. With more engagement happening during experiences than ever before, technology marketers must also ensure they have the processes and systems in place to be able to act on this first-party data.