Digital Experiences Benchmark: Manufacturing 2021 Report


This report will evaluate the performance of digital experiences in the manufacturing industry. It looks at how companies are deploying digital experiences and how audiences are consuming and interacting with this content. It also evaluates this data against all industry data, providing takeaways for areas of improvement.

While there was a seasonal dip in Q3, manufacturing audiences rebounded in Q4. Manufacturing audiences continue to be large consumers of on-demand content, increasing year over year and greatly outpacing other industries. Manufacturing audiences continue to have consistent length of attendance that is lower than other industries, an important note as manufacturers plan content for 2022. Engagement and conversion rates for personalized experiences also improved year over year for these audiences.


Digital Experience Conversion

The conversion rates for live and on-demand consumption of webinars were 35.74% and 46.39% respectively. This outpaced all industry average in both categories.

Attendee Time

The average length of attendance for manufacturing webinars was 39.56 minutes, a decrease of one minute year over year. This continues to be below other industries, 24.89% annually.


The average number of webinar attendees in 2021 was 96.28 for manufacturing webinars, a decline of one attendee from 2020.



Manufacturing audiences asked 8.86 questions per webinar, a decline from 13.06 in 2020.

Engagement Actions

Manufacturing audiences only had a slight decline in engagement actions during experiences, 2.90% year over year.

CTA Engagement

Manufacturing marketers deployed more CTAs in 2021 and audiences responded. Manufacturing audiences rate to book a meeting following an experience rose 268.81% annually.

Content Experiences & Personalized Experiences

Personalized Experience Conversion

Manufacturing audiences converted more to personalized experiences 16.44 percentage points less in 2021.

Content Experience Conversion

Manufacturing audiences converted to content experiences more in 2021, with a 9.08 percentage point increase year over year.

CTA Engagement

For personalized experiences, attendees were significantly less likely to take a CTA than other audiences.



The key themes coming from manufacturing organizations for digital experiences include: 


Quarterly Analysis







Manufacturing audiences consume a significant amount of on-demand and curated content through digital experiences. With behavior that varies from other industries, mainly in length of attendance, manufacturing marketers must innovate within those bounds. As manufacturing audiences have traditionally had lower engagement during experiences, marketers must also evaluate how to increase engagement based on their buyers’ needs and preferences.