Digital Experiences Benchmark Q1 2022 Report

Audiences continue to attend and engage with digital experiences. While we have seen stabilization of registration to attendee conversion rates, attendees who are present during digital experiences are more actively engaged and stay longer than the previous quarter. Marketers looking to improve their registration to conversion attendee rates should reflect on their promotional strategy and see if it is aligned with current registration behavior, which shows that attendees are registering closer to the day of the event, than in previous years.

For curated content experiences, engagement with Calls to Action rose quarter over quarter — an important signal about audience’s preferences for engagement with experiences that allow them to have multiple content options. Personalized experiences remained consistent with a stabilized conversion rate and average length of attendance.



Digital Experience Conversion

The conversion rate for live and on-demand consumption of webinars was 51.28%. Live conversion was 32.42% and on-demand conversion was 21.27%.

Attendee Time

The average attendee was 56.41 minutes, an increase from 52.49 minutes in Q4 2021, and above the average from Q1 2021, 53.26 minutes.


The average number of webinar attendees in Q1 2022 was 262.



Not all digital experiences include engagement with Q&A. Of those that did, the average number of questions was 20.16. This is an increase of 25.46% quarter over quarter.

Calls to Action

The overall CTA conversion per attendee declined quarter over quarter by 7.31%.

Engagement Actions

Attendees were more engaged in webinars in Q1v2022, by 6.42% from the previous quarter.

Content Experiences


Average conversion from registration to attendance was 35.87%, an increase of 4.28 percentage points from Q4 2021.

Attendee Length

The average length of attendance for Q1 2022 remained steady at 23 minutes.

Calls to Action

Attendee engagement with CTAs, like requesting a meeting or quote, rose 129.57% from Q4 2021.



The conversion rate for registration to attendance of personalized digital experiences was 57.03%, a decrease of 2.31 percentage points quarter over quarter.

Attendee Length

The average length of attendance was 28.43 minutes, consistent with the previous quarter.


Even with a return to physical events in many regions, digital remains a viable and important option for marketers to reach audiences and create engagement. Marketers will need to remain vigilant to understand how audiences behavior and preferences change, and adapt digital tactics accordingly. Importantly, marketers must be attuned to signals and look for opportunities to test new formats, content types and engagement methodologies.