Digital Experiences Benchmark Manufacturing Q1 2022 Report

This report will evaluate the performance of digital experiences
in the manufacturing industry. It looks at how companies are
deploying digital experiences and how audiences are
consuming and interacting with this content. It also evaluates
this data against all industry data, providing takeaways for areas
of improvement.

Manufacturing audiences increased engagement in digital
experiences in Q1 2022. Particularly with regards to survey
responses, which saw a dramatic increase, along with questions
asked. Manufacturing marketers captured audiences’ attention
with personalized and curated content experiences too. There is
opportunity for growth in additional CTA usage to drive more
first-party insights.


Digital Experience Conversion
The conversion rates for live attendees rose slightly in Q1 2022 to 31.49%.

Attendee Time
The average length of attendance for manufacturing webinars was 40.88 minutes, an increase of 13.58%.

The average number of webinar attendees in Q1 2022 was 230.24, a decline of 5.15% quarter over quarter.


Manufacturing audiences had a slight increase in average number of questions per webinar, up to 14.56 questions per webinar.

Engagement Actions
Manufacturing webinars had an increase in completion of surveys per webinar, up 85.52% quarter over quarter.

Content Experiences & Personalized Experiences

For curated content experiences, manufacturing audiences converted at 24.76% in Q1 2022, an increase of 3.96 percentage points from Q4 2021. Similarly, personalized experiences saw higher conversion as well,
increasing 4.69 percentage points to 52.20%.

On curated experiences, manufacturing audiences spent on average 29 minutes, an increase of 20.97% from the previous quarter. For personalized experiences, it was 32 minutes on average, an increase of 14 minutes from the previous quarter.


The key themes coming from manufacturing organizations for digital experiences include:


Manufacturing marketers have made strides to develop
experiences that engage audiences, especially with
curated and personalized content. The opportunity for
manufacturing marketer’s is to better align and engage
audiences with appropriate CTAs following digital
experiences. This will allow audiences to continue to self
educate and in turn, creates more engagement data for