Q: What is the difference between ON24 and conferencing tools like Webex and Go-to-meeting?
A: Conferencing and meeting tools are great, but they are made for…conferences and meetings. The difference between ON24 and Webex or Go-to-Meeting is ON24 is a webinar marketing platform that is purpose-built to deliver interactive, engaging audience experiences that provide you with deep analytics to help you find your best leads and generate more revenue.

Q: Do you have to download software or plugins to view an ON24 webinar?
A: Nope, you can view any ON24 webinar with a single click, no software download required.

Q: Can my customers view ON24 webinars on mobile devices?
A: Absolutely! You can view all ON24 webinars on mobile devices including all tablets and smartphones on Apple IOS and Android devices.

Q: Can I interact with my webinar audience?
A: Yes, ON24 gives you a suite of interactive tools to directly engage your audience, including Q&A, polling, surveys, idea sharing, and chat.

Q: Can I customize the ON24 webinar console to make it look like my brand?
A: You’d better — nobody likes a boring console. ON24 enables you to completely customize the webinar console to reflect your logos, corporate branding, and colors and top-line messaging. Go crazy!

Q: Do you support video webinars?
A: Heck, we encourage it. ON24 enables you to seamlessly stream video in a myriad of ways, including full studio video, live event streaming, webcams, screen share, and integrated video clips.

Q: What kind of data do I get about my webinar attendees?
A: A LOT! ON24 enables you to capture an incredible amount of data on the behavior of your webinar attendees to help you find your best leads, including registration data, behavioral scoring, event benchmarking, and power lead reports to track individuals across multiple webinars.

Q: How long do I have to wait after my webinar is over to get the data on my attendees?
A: You don’t have to wait at all. ON24 analytics are available to you in real-time. You can access them during and immediately after your event is over.

Q: Can I integrate ON24 analytics into my marketing automation and CRM software?
A: Yes, ON24 data integrates with most major marketing automation and CRM software including, Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, and many others.

Q: Once my webinars are over, can I archive my webinars for on demand viewing?
A: All ON24 webinars are automatically archived for on demand viewing. We can also help you build an on demand webinar portal to house all of your webinar, video and PDF content.

Q. Is the ON24 platform available in other languages?
A: Oui, the ON24 platform supports 35 different languages globally.