Great webinars aren’t a fluke. They’re planned, reviewed, optimised and delivered as part of a broader programme. In this track discover how leading webinar experts have operationalised their webinar programmes to deliver reliable and repeatable ongoing success.

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From Awareness to Action: Workfront’s Full-Funnel, Multichannel Marketing Campaign Strategy


Webinars are more than just a single event, they are a powerful mechanism for a full-funnel marketing campaign.

Speaker: Marc Hansen, Director of Field Marketing and Events, Workfront


From Ad Hoc to Centralized: PTC’s Method for Creating a Webinar Center of Excellence


Webinars are an important channel in a multitouch campaign, and it’s just as important to build an infrastructure to efficiently turn that channel’s volume up or down. in a turnkey way a walk-through of their centralized method for dialing up the webinars, and the leads, for hundreds of marketers worldwide.

Speaker: Mike Marshall, Digital Experience Optimization Team, PTC


From Experimentation to Optimisation: Hitting the Email Sweet Spot with Box


In the fast changing tech industry, experimentation is critical to staying ahead of the competition. That’s especially true when it comes to figuring out the right mix of email promotions. In this session discover the results from a year’s worth of testing everything from email subject lines to layouts to audience segmentation, and then ways to apply those insights to your webinar promotion emails.

Kendall Carreher, Sr. Email Marketing Manger, Box
Ryan Wong, Marketing Operations Manager, Box


From One-off to Always-on: G3’s Blueprint for Building a Binge-Worthy Webcast Series


Discover how brands like Demand Gen Report, Retail TouchPoints and Channel Marketer Report are creating webinar series to educate attendees, generate thousands of leads for their partners and satisfy their audience’s appetite for continuous, on-demand content.

Speaker: Sheri Butts, Marketing Manager, G3 Communications


From Zero to Hero: Atlassian’s Formula for a Repeatable, Data-driven Webinar Process


There are many roads to webinar glory, some easier to travel than others. Discover how Atlassian’s focused, results-driven approach gives one person the efficiency to single-handedly run more than 250 webinars per year.

Speaker: Blane Barker, Global Webinar Program Manager, Atlassian

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