Webi-basic, you’re taking webinars mainstream

You scored among those with intermediate webinar experience and are ready for more. As a webi-basic, you already know the how-tos behind running a successful live event and are ready to try new webinar formats as well as leverage on-demand webinars more effectively. Your next step is to look at how to operationalize your webinar program, leverage webinar engagement data for insights and start repurposing webinars to fuel your content engine.

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As a webi-newbie, your eyes are wide open to the potential of webinars and, you know that there are a few easy ways to make quick improvements. Most importantly, you realize the opportunity webinars have to transform how you engage with your audience and get meaningful results.


As a webi-pro, you know that webinars are more than just a one-off event and view webinars as an integrated campaign. You’ve got some tweaking to do when it comes to webinar measurement and tapping into the wealth of content that webinars generate. Your next step is to get a holistic webinar content strategy in place and make sure webinar engagement data is being shared across the organization.


As a webinerd, you see the world through webinerd glasses, speak fluently in webinar jargon and wear webinerd swag on the daily. You centralized the webinar process and integrated it into every campaign. Your webinars are always available and constantly being reused as a content source and audience touchpoint. Success doesn’t stop you from researching, adjusting and applying webinars to new use cases. Now is the time to find more ways to use webinars, from running account-based personalization campaigns to setting up webinars for customer training.

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