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“We needed a scalable solution to train partners as fast as possible on sales messaging, process, and the technical aspects of our products. Using ON24, we’ve accelerated the training process getting partners selling faster!”

– Tracey A. Abby, Director of WW Channel and Sales Enablement

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Tenable Network Security


Tenable Network Security used a virtual learning environment (VLE) to create a scalable, engaging, on demand training solution. Since implementing, they’ve improved engagement with over 4,000 logins and over 26,000 content downloads. On demand training has accelerated partner and seller course completions and improved the overall customer experience by offering free on-demand product trainings.


Supporting a High-Growth, 100% Channel-Driven Organization

Located in Columbia, Maryland, Tenable Network Security provides comprehensive security solutions that give organizations continuous visibility and critical context, enabling decisive actions to protect their organization from cyber threats. With more than one million users and more than 20,000 enterprise customers worldwide, organizations trust Tenable for proven security innovation.

When Tenable Network Security experienced hyper growth, they decided to shift 100% of their sales from a direct model to a channel-driven model. Continued revenue growth now depended completely on partner performance. Tracey Abby, Director of Sales Enablement, was tasked to build a world wide channel enablement program to support the shift. She determined their existing Learning Management System (LMS) wouldn’t scale to support the expanding partner program’s requirements. Tenable Network Security needed a solution to train partners as fast as possible on sales messaging, process, and the technical aspects of their products.

As Tracey searched for a scalable, engaging, on demand training solution, the project scope and requirements from other departments grew. The major challenge was finding a solution not only for the seller and partner segments, but also for customers, employees, and public segments. After researching numerous Learning Management System providers, none addressed audience segmentation with a seamless Salesforce integration like ON24’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).


One Engaging Virtual On Demand Training Solution for All Audiences

With ON24’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Tracey developed a scalable, engaging on demand training environment called ConnectEd Academy.

  • Unique User Experiences: Working with ON24, she created virtual experiences tailored to sellers, partners, customers, employees, and the public. For example, the Sales & Partner Plaza housed locations like the Center for Excellence, the Game Room, and Resources Center that were packed with on-demand sales and technical training.
  • On demand training: The virtual learning environment (VLE) allowed partners to train on their own schedule, but in a controlled learning environment. Using ON24’s time-watched reports and survey tools, Tracey automatically created workflows to ensure video viewing and survey completion before users could continue to the next product training course.
  • Content Creation with Webcast Elite: Addressing each audience meant creating unique content for each segment. Tenable used ON24’s webcast elite platform to easily create and repurpose video content to put in each segment’s training experience.
  • Engagement through Gamification: To keep the end users coming back, Tracey created the Game Room and the Leaderboard to spur friendly competition and make tests and quizzes fun and engaging. The Game Room continues to be one of the favorite aspects of the ConnectEd Academy for the sellers and partners.
  • Seamless Integration with Salesforce: When sellers and partners accessed Salesforce, they each had a ConnectEd Academy tab that would take them directly to the VLE. Creating Sales Presentations or “Briefcases” became easy to manage in one place. Briefcases were easily uploaded to the VLE and automatically updated in Salesforce.


Since implementing a virtual learning environment (VLE) with ON24, Tenable Network Security has increased engagement and accelerated training for their global sellers and partners.

  • Increased Engagement and Accelerated Training: Tenable has seen a major uptick in engagement with their materials. Tracking when and what is being downloaded helps Tracey understand what content resonates with the end users. Since starting the program, they’ve had over 4,000 logins and over 26,000 content downloads/views.

Improved Customer Experience and Lead Generation: By focusing on a solution for all audiences, they’ve been able to improve the customer experience by opening up free, on-demand product training. By opening up the virtual learning environment (VLE) to the public, Tracey has generated leads and pipeline, establishing the virtual learning environment (VLE) as a valuable revenue-generating channel.