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With ON24’s webinar platform, Scientific Learning delivered consistent, engaging webinar experiences, streamlined webinar marketing program, and empowered their sales team with robust new lead data.

“Sales reps now can prioritize who they’ll follow up on, who to have conversations with, and as a result they’re having more meaningful conversations with those prospects.”


– Carrie Gajowski, Marketing Specialist

Scientific Learning


Scientific Learning: 50% more sales ready leads

With ON24’s webinar platform, Scientific Learning delivered consistent, engaging webinar experiences, streamlined the webinar marketing program, and empowered their sales team with robust new lead data.


Debilitating tech issues, lackluster lead generation

Scientific Learning had reached a breaking point. After spending eight grueling hours fixing tech issues for a high-profile event, the webinar team needed a new, reliable platform — one that would also allow participants to join on smartphones and tablets. Tepid lead generation also hindered the webinar program’s success. Producing only names of registrants, attendees, and the time they attended, the current platform fell short for a sales team that was hungry to sell.


A reliable webinar platform, streamlined webinar marketing, robust sales data

ON24’s webinar platform virtually eliminated tech issues, integrated seamlessly with marketing and sales automation tools, and invigorated sales leads with a wealth of new insight into webinar attendees.

  • Tech issues — solved: ON24’s reliable platform delivers a consistent, high-quality webinar experience. Audio issues that had previously plagued events were virtually eliminated, and attendees can now access webinars on smartphones and tablets.
  • Integration with Salesforce and Marketo: ON24 stitches seamlessly into Scientific Learning’s webinar marketing and sales automation tools, so those efforts are now more effectively integrated with each webinar marketing event.
  • Enhanced attendee insight: Interactive features like participant polls, surveys, and additional resources provide new, valuable lead data, including responses to questions like, “How likely are you to inquire further about our products?”


Sales ready leads up 50%

  • Consistent, high-quality webinar experience: Hours once spent troubleshooting tech issues are now dedicated to creating more engaging webinar experiences for audiences everywhere.
  • Improved webinar marketing and sales processes: Seamless integration between ON24 and Scientific Learning’s automation tools has created a powerful webinar marketing and sales process for every webinar event.

Sales ready leads up 50%: Thanks to valuable new insight, sales reps now prioritize leads, decide when, and how to follow up. As a result, they’re having more meaningful conversations.