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SAP chose ON24 to deliver its bi-weekly series of customer-led webcasts promoting the SAP HANA platform. SAP uses the platform’s media-rich webcasts and its powerful data capture, reporting and analytics for demand generation and lead nurturing. The webcast series is credited with influencing over $100 million in SAP HANA revenue.



SAP invites its HANA customers to share their successes

This bi-weekly webinar series is a powerful pipeline-acceleration program—nurturing leads by enabling these prospects and existing SAP customers who have shown an interest in HANA to hear customers’ first-hand experiences with the SAP HANA platform.


Provide a robust and reliable webcasting platform to reach all interested parties and prospects.

After executing several webcasts, SAP recognized that they needed a more flexible and scalable platform to match the scope, visibility and specific technology demands of its premiere Web-based customer call series.


Let SAP focus on finding customers, and ON24 will take care of the rest.

SAP realized they could offer a better user experience with ON24 technology and transitioned the SAP HANA Customer Spotlight Program onto the ON24 Webcasting Platform 10. One week prior to each event, the presenting customer is taken through a practice session with SAP and ON24 personnel to ensure the presenter is comfortable with the process. On the day of the webcast, the customer simply shows up and presents; the webcast itself is 100% managed by ON24.


Increased HANA exposure, better data capture, effective pipeline acceleration.

In 2013, SAP ran 20 webcasts featuring an array of customers in varying industries and in multiple time zones. In every webcast, the ON24 platform captured all the information SAP desired and required.

To date, the SAP HANA Customer Spotlight Program has:

  • Generated more than 2,600 registrations and over
  • 700 webinar attendees
  • Influenced over 200 opportunities, amounting to
  • over $100 million in measurable pipeline revenue

“The whole intent of this program is to allow the customer’s voice to be heard.
ON24 takes care of all the deliverables we need a third party to take care of in order to get the webinar done; we get to focus on finding the best customers to tell the best stories.”

— Scott Feldman, SAP Global Head, SAP HANA Customer Communities