SAE International | Virtual Career Fair


Creating New Job Opportunities for Engineers

SAE International is a global society of engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industries. As a non-profit serving these industries and its constituents, SAE’s core mission is providing the tools, intellectual property and services to advance professionals in these industries for the betterment of society as a whole.

The mobility industries that SAE serves were experiencing layoffs and downsizing during the recent economic downturn. Travel budgets for the human resources and recruiting staff had been reduced even as the need to recruit engineering professionals increased.

Also, it became clear that to maximize recruiting success, a solution other than traditional vertical in-person recruiting events needed to be developed, as these traditional job fairs did not provide an opportunity for cross-industry recruitment for specific skills sets, thus limiting their effectiveness.


SAE International Virtual Career Fair

Working with ON24, SAE International created a Virtual Career Fair to:

  • Assist thousands of job-seeking engineers in locating new positions
  • Enable candidates and recruiters to connect conveniently and cost-effectively
  • Provide a platform for cross-industry recruitment

The SAE virtual environment enabled employers and qualified engineers to connect in an efficient manner. In a virtual environment, candidates could present themselves to multiple hiring companies, while recruiters could conduct online “mini-interviews” with job seekers.

Additionally, the Virtual Career Fair provided a method of serving across the automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicle industries within a single event. Recruiters from energy, chemical, industrial, manufacturing and green technology companies were represented at SAE’s Virtual Career Fair, showcasing job opportunities in a variety of industries.

Recruiters participating in the Virtual Career Fair noted that job seekers are more candid and open in a virtual environment. Attendees appreciate the opportunity to meet with multiple companies in one centralized location. For future events, SAE will provide hiring firms with instant access to resumes and candidates with company background information and “online interview tips” to enable more effective communication in the virtual environment.


Connecting Candidates and Recruiters

Leveraging ON24’s Virtual Show platform, exceptional results were achieved:

  • 2,000 registrants for the Virtual Career Fair
  • 40% of the registrants attended (more than 800)
  • Significant participation from traditional employers while also attracting non-traditional industries
  • Travel cost savings for both recruiters and candidates