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Within months of launching their webinar program with ON24, QASymphony generated 40% more leads through on-demand webinar viewings, discovered on average 15-20% of webinar attendees were sales-ready, and contributed to over $150,000 in marketing pipeline.



Attendee limit did not support lead gen strategy

QASymphony’s mission is to help companies release higher quality software at the rate their customers demand — all while improving internal team communication and collaboration. QASymphony’s number one priority was to continue to accelerate company growth. Jeff Perkins, CMO of QASymphony focused mainly on generating leads for the sales team and developing innovative programs to get more prospects in the door.

To fill the lack of industry-related resources for their target audience, QASymphony seized the opportunity to make thought leadership webinars a core part of the content marketing program and lead generation strategy. QASymphony suspected that if they could highly engage with a prospect on a webinar, that the prospect would convert faster.

QASymphony kicked off their webinar program with an annual industry trends report, and they quickly ramped up to over 3,400 registrants. Surprisingly, this unearthed a major problem. With the huge demand, the current webinar tool, GoToWebinar, couldn’t accommodate all the registrants without maxing out. Jeff and his team needed to find an alternative solution fast.


A scalable webinar program, Pardot and Salesforce integration

After carefully researching multiple tools, QASymphony chose the ON24 webinar platform because of the ease of use, scalability, and the enhancement to their lead generation strategy.

  • A scalable platform that handled thousands of attendees: QASymphony planned to continue to host large webinars with 1,000+ attendees. The risk of maxing out the attendee cap was not an option. With ON24, they could host large webinars worry free.
  • A self-service platform: QASymphony planned to increase webinar volume and frequency. With ON24, they received an easy to use, self-service platform that would allow them to focus on creating content and working with presenters.
  • Strategic addition to marketing tech stack: ON24’s comprehensive integration with their marketing automation platform, Pardot and CRM platform, Salesforce integration created the framework for seamless webinar promotion, transparency for the sales team, and end-to-end ROI reporting for webinar campaigns.
  • Ongoing lead generation with on-demand functionality: Combining ON24’s on-demand functionality and a thoughtful post-webinar strategy, QASymphony continued to generate hundreds of leads after the live webinar.
  • Identification of the hottest prospects through webinar engagement tools: Surveying attendees at the end of the webinar helped QASymphony understand which prospects needed immediate follow up from sales.


QASymphony accelerated webinar prospects through all levels of marketing pipeline

Not only did QASymphony consider their first webinar with ON24 a “homerun,” but as they scaled their program, the results continued to impress. With the help of ON24, they accelerated prospects through all levels of the funnel and drove the following results:

  • Contributed to over $150,000 in marketing pipeline.
  • Generated 40% more leads with comprehensive on-demand strategy.
  • Converted lower funnel prospects faster by identifying 15-20% were sales ready leads per webinar.