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With ON24’s Virtual Environment, Nationwide’s HR team created a one-stop HR portal for all HR communications and resources. Nationwide increased the usage and engagement of HR programs with over 35,000 logins and an average of 25 minutes of activity per registrant.



Lack of awareness of all HR offerings, disconnected HR programs

Nationwide’s Human Resources department is responsible for educating and providing resources to the thousands of Nationwide insurance associates about their benefits.

With four different departmental groups for Human Resources, each historically managed separate, disconnected HR programs. The numerous portals and logins created confusion for the associates. It wasn’t clear where associates could find the information they needed and how they should take action.

All four HR groups were tasked to bring their respective HR programs together under one roof. The goals were to improve associate experience, increase awareness, adoption, and usage of programs, and to meet Nationwide’s initiative to position the Human Resources group as one brand.


One HR portal for all Nationwide HR programs

Nationwide HR had previous experience with ON24, and within five months of setting out to find a solution, they partnered with ON24 and launched a Virtual Environment called myPLACE.

  • One HR portal to direct associates for all HR needs: For both onboarding new employees and ongoing HR needs, myPLACE provided associates with a one-stop shop to find information quickly about how payroll, commissions, career, and health benefits worked and how to take advantage of these programs.
  • FAQs & Chat: One of the top priorities of myPLACE was to provide a way for associates to get questions answered fast. By creating readily available FAQs and chat sessions, Nationwide ultimately reduced calls and emails to the 25 person dedicated support team for associates.
  • Access for family members of associates: Nationwide used the flexibility of the ON24 Virtual Environment to create a unique experience for family members of employees. Family members now had a clear process to easily access benefit information that didn’t exist before.
  • Content Creation with Webcast Elite: To ensure myPLACE maintained engagement and usage, Nationwide consistently hosted webinars highlighting program updates. Housing the on-demand recordings in myPLACE allowed for continuous program benefit education.


Exceeded Goals for Associate Adoption and Usage

  • Increased Program Awareness, Adoption, and Usage: With ON24, Nationwide exceeded expectations for associate engagement. With over 35,000 associates participating in the new HR portal, each had at least two room or location visits with average of 25 minutes of activity.
  • Reduced calls and emails to customer service team: Since associates could now easily find information on their own and get their questions answered through myPLACE, the customer service team received 10% fewer calls and emails about HR programs over the same period prior to launch.

Improved HR Brand Positioning: Housing all HR programs in one HR portal, Nationwide succeeded in positioning all four HR groups as one unit. Simplified naming consistent with myPLACE like myMONEY, myWELLBEING, and myFAMILY contributed to the HR brand improvement.