Managers Investment Group, LLC. | Webinar


Expanding public outreach and creating more engaging events

Managers Investment Group LLC is a registered investment advisory firm offering a wide range of investment disciplines and solutions, including mutual funds, separate account strategies, asset-allocation solutions and sub-advisory services.

Over the past few years, Managers Investment Group has driven outreach to clients and prospects through a series of conference calls aimed at providing guidance and market information on current trends in the fixed income market. Those presentations were then archived as audio podcasts and made available for people that missed the live event. Many of their competitors, however, had already migrated to presenting live webcasts.
The challenge for Managers Investment Group was the need to expand the reach of their advisory sessions and to create events that delivered a more engaging and interactive experience for their audience.


Thought Leadership Webcasts

Utilizing ON24’s Webcasting Platform 10, Managers Investment Group created a series of thought leadership webinars aimed at increasing their audience size and more effectively communicating with their attendees. Each event featured a panel of high-profile industry analysts and experts, and enabled viewers to engage with speakers through real-time polling and live Q&A sessions. Each of the webinars was then hosted on-demand for clients and prospects that missed the live event.


Professional webinars, larger audiences

Launching their first webinar of the year, “Kicking off 2012”, Managers Investment Group launched a successful series events for clients and prospects, drawing strong attendance with fully interactive and engaging webinars.

With a 51 minute average attendance time, viewers of “Kicking of 2012” stayed engaged with the content and were able to interact directly with the presenters. The detailed analytics provided by the ON24 platform, such as the results of live polling questions and Q&A submissions, equated to more effective lead scoring on attendees and a higher ROI. Upon completion of the live broadcast, the event was hosted on-demand to allow for continued viewing and additional lead generation. Managers Investment Group plans to continue their webinar series using the ON24 Webcasting 10 platform.