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Jameson Publishing boosts lead generation, marketing ROI

When Jameson decided to move webinar publishing in-house, they looked for a solution both economical and easy to use. ON24’s platform cut webinar costs for the company by 75%, training time by 50-75%, and increased lead generation with a seamless, high-quality experience.

Jameson Publishing


High cost of outsourcing webinar service outweighs the benefit

Jameson Publishing specializes in website and print trade publishing services. When webinars were added to the menu for their clients, costs associated with third-party administration quickly took a toll.

  • No control: Most stages of production were vendor-administered, leaving Jameson out of the loop at critical stages of development.
  • Disaster-prone: Jameson’s access to webinar production was so limited, any last minute change or glitch was capable of bringing down an entire event.
  • Hefty price tag: With webinars running weekly, the cost of third-party administration skyrocketed to unsustainable heights.


Jameson moves webinars in-house for greater lead generation, marketing ROI with ON24

  • Proven track record: ON24 is recognized globally for customer satisfaction, streamlined setup, and mobile-friendly webinar performance.
  • Easy to use: With minimal instruction, Jameson’s employees were able to create, navigate, and customize engaging webinars to generate high-quality leads.
  • 24/7 customer support: ON24’s representatives are always on standby to ensure questions are answered and each webinar is a success.


Hard cost of running webinars down 75%, time to train down 50-75%, webinar cadence up 300%

  • 75% Savings: With ON24, Jameson now develops high quality, engaging webinars in-house, at a fraction of their previous cost, boosting marketing ROI.
  • Up to 75% less time to train: ON24’s easy-to-use platform requires minimal training for presenters, administrators, and users alike.

More webinars, more sales: Jameson customers are now choosing webinars more frequently due to the lead generation they receive from ON24 webinars. With more webinars being produced than ever before, Jameson’s business is booming.