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Summary held a groundbreaking virtual event, the Inside Sales Virtual Summit, attracting more than 16,000 attendees. The next year, created the Sales Acceleration Summit, a virtual event featuring 80 speakers. More than 20,000 executives from all over the world visited the Summit to learn from the industry’s brightest minds, driving lead generation and sales.



Making the World’s Largest Online Sales Virtual Event Bigger and Better offers cloud-based sales acceleration technology and delivers software and consulting solutions that transform the productivity and professionalism of sales teams. As part of the company’s overall mission, held a groundbreaking online thought leadership and lead generation virtual event in 2013 – the Inside Sales Virtual Summit – featuring a star-studded cast of sales experts that attracted more than 16,000 attendees from around the world.

As a follow-up to the 2013 event, recast the event as the Sales Acceleration Summit and assembled the world’s leading experts in sales, marketing and technology, focusing on sales acceleration technology – what it is and why it matters. For 2014, the company needed to deliver this engaging content to an even bigger audience and surpass the previous year’s event in every way, while partnering with a reliable global delivery vendor that could support the large projected attendance.


The Top Minds in Sales + ON24 + Even Cooler Content

The overwhelming success of the previous year’s virtual event meant that the 2014 event had to be even more compelling and raise the bar in terms of attendance, audience engagement, and lead generation. So, the team built an online conference agenda around the “hot topic” of sales acceleration and included sales experts such as Jeffrey Gitomer, author of “The Little Red Book of Selling,” Jill Konrath, author of “SNAP Selling,” and celebrities like NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young. In all, the 2014 lineup included 80 speakers, and designed the content to drive even greater participation and engagement from senior executives by offering 15-minute sessions developed specifically for executives and VPs of sales and marketing.

To drive attendance and audience engagement, especially from high-level execs, began its marketing program with an AdWords search campaign to solicit interest in topics similar to “inside sales,” with a quick call to action, asking people to submit their email addresses to learn more about the industry. From there, the company began an email marketing campaign with more in-depth information to promote the Sales Acceleration Summit and leveraged a combination of Internet search, email and online video over the course of several months to generate interest.

In addition to its innovative content and marketing approaches — along with the stellar speaker lineup — needed a global platform to deliver the Sales Acceleration Summit, and they chose ON24 for the second year in a row. After an extensive selection process and a successful event in 2013, knew that the ON24 platform could deliver the scale and global reach that the virtual event needed. The ON24 relationship was continued for a number of other reasons as well, including completeness of vision; Presentation Manager XD; and virtual event exhibit booths that could include video, links and downloads, which helped achieve multiple customer touches within the event and more readily move virtual event participants into (and through) the sales funnel.


Increased Attendance, Audience Engagement and Sales

When the final tally was in, more than 20,000 business executives from all over the world joined the Sales Acceleration Summit to learn from the brightest minds in sales and marketing.

What’s more, the variation in content strategy — offering “snackable” and long-form content — enabled to capture the attention of VP- and C-level executives with short, impactful sessions. Attendees joined multiple online video sessions, and, based on which sessions they attended, sales associates followed the lead generation with hyper-targeted packages that sold very well.

Thanks to extensive pre-event marketing and a top-tier program of speakers and content, the Sales Acceleration Summit drew a large and enthusiastic audience. Key stats include:

  • More than 20,000 attendees
  • 16,000 unique session views
  • 6,000 tweets
  • 8,000 on-demand views

In addition to drawing a large audience and garnering positive user feedback, the event also scored very highly on audience engagement, with lively post-session Q&As. The combination of audio and video content supported by the ON24 platform created greater audience engagement as well.

The Sales Acceleration Summit is available on demand, continuing to generate awareness and lead generation for