ERT switches to ON24 from WebEx, improves lead hand-off

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Since switching to ON24 from WebEx, ERT scaled their webinar program, generated more leads, and improved program reporting. ERT’s webinar program helped close 3X more business than the next closest lead generation channel.

“The ease of use, the reporting, and the fact that you can get everything within moments of a webinar being completed, makes running webinars a much simpler task.”

– Sheryl Walder, Senior Marketing Specialist

Sheryl Walder

ERT switches to ON24 from WebEx, improves lead hand-off


Delayed webinar reporting and technical issues

ERT works with pharmaceutical, biotech and CROs to facilitate and gather data from ongoing clinical trials. As the company’s Senior Marketing Specialist, Sheryl Walder managed the trade show and webinar strategy. Webinars were a key tactic to generating leads for their Marketing Development team.

With their previous platform, WebEx, ERT experienced ongoing problems. The inability to quickly access attendee data after a webinar slowed down the sales follow up process. Sheryl also consistently saw attendees drop off due to lack of support for mobile devices.


Instant webinar reporting, faster sales follow up

+ Quick reporting turnaround: With WebEx, ERT was forced to wait a minimum of 48 hours before they received webinar attendee data. However, with ON24, ERT gained instant reporting information right after the webinar ended, helping the Marketing Development team quickly reach out to attendees.

+ Integration and engagement tools: ON24’s seamless integrations between Salesforce and Pardot helped ERT streamline webinar promotion and provided insight into program performance. With engagement tools like surveys, Q&A, and poll results, the Marketing Development team prioritized follow up and equipped themselves with the intel to have more meaningful sales calls.

+ Mobile access, no dial-in required: With WebEx, mobile and international attendees suffered from drop-offs and other issues. The struggle to find local numbers for each webinar caused many international attendees to miss events. By switching to ON24’s platform, attendees could access webinars from any device without dial-in.

+ Simple set-up and ease of use: With ON24, webinar setup was a breeze. Within 10 minutes, Sheryl could easily set up a new webinar and schedule promotional activities.


Since switching to ON24 from WebEx, ERT has scaled their webinar program, generated more leads, and improved program reporting.

+ Webinar leads contributed to 3X more closed deals and 5X more funnel activity compared to the second closest lead channel.

+ Platform ease of use helped increase webinar cadence by over 100%.

+ Generated 45% more leads with on-demand strategy.