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Actuate chose Webcast Elite for its simu-live ability to stream live, physical events to online audiences and increase its reach. Actuate also replaced its time-intensive live, one-on-one demos with bi-weekly demo webinars, adding 25% more new lead contacts to the funnel, and reaching more people in two webinars than it previously reached in two to three months. With Webcast Elite, Actuate has tripled the number of webcasts it runs per quarter.



Nurturing a Webinar Program Along

Actuate is an embedded business intelligence company that provides solutions for personalized analytics and insights for global enterprises.

Based in San Mateo, California, with offices around the globe, the company uses webinars as part of its lead generation programs that feature:

  • Customer case study webinars
  • Thought-leadership webcasts with industry-leading publications and analyst firms

While Actuate’s webinars are used top of the funnel, the company also wanted to nurture those prospects who have downloaded a white paper or other resource and now want to see the product live with a product demonstration.


The Need to Take a Physical Live Event Online

Actuate was using WebEx for its webinars and was unhappy with the platform’s limitations, including:

  • Frequent conference number issues
  • No branding and console customization options
  • Limited webcam capabilities
  • Lack of integration with the Salesforce platform
  • Inadequate social media capabilities

But it was a harsh 2013–2014 winter that reinforced Actuate’s need for a more sophisticated webcasting platform. The company runs an eight-city quarterly road show featuring presentations on Actuate and its BIRT products, as well as hands-on training. While registrations were high in the U.S. Northeast, winter storms prevented up to 75% of the event registrants from attending the shows in certain cities.

When many of the snowed-in registrants expressed a desire to participate online, Actuate began looking for a platform that could support its physical live event and online streaming strategy, including a deminar and webinar series.


A Webinar-Based Solution That Offers So Much More

The Director of Marketing Programs at Actuate had used ON24 while at another company. Initially driven by the need for Webcast Elite’s simu-live functionality, Actuate was sold on the multitude of other useful, time-saving, information-rich features:

  • Slick and clean automated registration pages, promotions and email reminders/follow up
  • Polling, Q&A and numerous other audience-engagement tools
  • Real-time audience behavior tracking, including duration in the webinar

While not initially on the must-have list, Actuate saw opportunities with Webcast Elite to:

  • Replace its time-intensive one-on-one product demonstrations with live, biweekly webinars featuring a 30-minute demo followed by a Q&A session.
  • Leverage on-demand functionality, posting archived deminar and webinar series into the appropriate online libraries for continued availability and extended reach.

The Actuate webinar producer had no prior experience with webinar production. But with the intuitive plug-and-play Webcast Elite platform, she quickly came up to speed and started using advanced webinar features.


More Contacts Reached in Less Time, with Less Effort

Since implementing Webcast Elite, Actuate has experienced:

  • Triple the number of webinars run per quarter, growing its funnel and pipeline without adding personnel.
  • A 25% increase in new contacts via the bi-weekly demo webinars; attendance in the deminar and webinar series has exceeded estimates five-fold, with a 65% registration-to-attendee ratio.
  • The audience Actuate is reaching with two bi-weekly demo webinars would easily take its salesforce two to three months doing face-to-face presentations.
  • A 50% increase in attendee time in the webinar, with increased Q&A participation.
  • Expanded reach to international audiences — running webinars in the U.K., France, Germany, Canada, India and Japan.

Actuate is also enjoying significant savings in both time and labor from the platform’s automated confirmation, reminder and thank-you emails and tight integration with the Salesforce platform. ON24 also met Actuate’s corporate requirement that all software work internationally and corporate-wide.