Webinar World 2019

Extreme Makeover: Learn Why Morningstar Overhauled their Webinar Program

On-Demand Webinar
Emilie Neumeier, Product Marketing Manager Morningstar
Lisa Rafdal, Marketing Manager, Morningstar

For the investment research and software company, Morningstar, content truly is king. So, when their webinars proved unworthy, the team decided to make a regime change. Join Morningstar’s, Emilie Neumeier, Product Marketing Manager and Lisa Rafdal, Marketing Manager to hear how the fintech firm totally renovated their marketing strategy with a brand new webinar program that improved the audience experience and increased MQLs by 300%.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Rebuild your webinar program from scratch
  • Align your webinar program with your buyer
  • Use webinars across the customer lifecycle