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How Walden University Uses Webinars to Attract Prospective Students

Speaker: David Richardson, Manager of Digital Events at Walden University

The shift to a digital world is changing the way universities think about their recruitment strategies. Without face-face meetings and events, student recruitment teams are reimagining how they showcase their institution’s competitive edge to prospective students. David Richardson, Manager of Digital Events and Webinars at Walden University (an online university with a global presence) knows this all too well.

Discover how Walden University has been using webinars and digital events to attract and engage prospective students, highlight the value of their educational programs, and drive enrollment. During this short webinar, you’ll also learn how you can use digital experiences to: 

  • Increase enrollment numbers with virtual open houses and campus tours 
  • Foster professional development with digital Continuing Education programs
  • Grow the brand identity of your college or university with thought-leadership events


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