Digital-First Webinar Series

Building Your Webinar Team in a Digital-First World

So, you made the shift from physical to digital events with the help of webinars. All done, right? Wrong. It’s time to take your marketing to the next level with a genuine digital-first approach. 

How can you get started? Simple: by building out a killer webinar program with your team of marketing experts. 

Register for our May miniseries, “Building Your Webinar Team in a Digital-First World” to learn what, exactly, goes into a webinar program, the roles and responsibilities a well-functioning program requires and how, once everything is in place, you can easily scale your program with your needs. 

Here’s what’s in store: 

Digital-First People: Anatomy of an Awesome Webinar Team — On-Demand Webinar 

What makes an awesome webinar awesome? Tune in to this simulive recast to learn the webinar program essentials — from brainstorming to team roles and responsibilities. 

Digital-First Process: Webinar Optimization Secrets from Hortonworks — On-Demand Webinar

What does a well-oiled webinar machine look like? Join this simulive recast as Hortonworks (now a part of Cloudera) details how it optimized its webinar program (and team), resulting in a 120% boost to pipeline influenced. 

Back to the (Marketing) Future! — On-Demand Webinar

Marketers are going back to the marketing future and putting an emphasis on their digital channels — particularly webinars. Join us for this live panel webinar to learn how leading marketers are redefining what a webinar experience can be. 

Digital-First Process: Scaling Your Webinar Program in 5 Steps — On-Demand Webinar
A great webinar program scales. But if you want to get your program to scale, you need a plan in place. Join this simulive recast to learn how SAP Concur’s digital team stepped up to reinvent its webinar program in under 12 months.