Case Study

How SmartBrief is leveraging ON24 Webcast Elite’s extensive reporting and analytics


A Champion of Webinars

SmartBrief is a digital media company that produces more than 150 daily email newsletters that reach more than five million subscribers in over 15 industries.

The company offers two types of webinars as part of its content marketing product offerings.

  • Self-serve: Clients are responsible for the entire webinar preparation and delivery, and pay to promote the event through SmartBrief newsletters, and for the use of the webinar marketing platform. SmartBrief monitors the webinar, ensuring that the technical aspects and Q&A functions are working properly.
  • Full-serve: SmartBrief handles the webinar creation and execution, and provides the subject matter expert moderator for a 60-minute session.


The Search for a More User-Friendly, Customer-Pleasing Platform

Clients partner with SmartBrief to capitalize on the company’s content marketing expertise and to get their webinars in front of its large subscriber base. From niche trade associations to C-suite level executives, SmartBrief webinars consistently generates buzz — and revenue, due in large part to the company’s solid reputation.

As the webinars grew in popularity, SmartBrief recognized the limitations of its previous webinar marketing platform in terms of scalability, customization capabilities and ease of use.

They wanted a platform that was reliable and user-friendly that would deliver webinars of the same high quality and caliber that its audiences have come to expect from the industry-leading news provider.


ON24 Is Webinars — Made Easy

SmartBrief chose the ON24 Webcast Elite platform, finding in the self-service solution simple content marketing tools that work for:

  • Webinar creators: The platform layout and online Support Center intuitively enable users to find the features, links and instructions they need to create webinars right from their desktop.
  • Webinar panelists and presenters: SmartBrief self-serve customers and panelists can easily adapt to the platform’s functionality and execute their presentations with minimal instruction.
  • Webinar viewers: Participants can reliably sign on to the webinar and customize the console according to their viewing preferences. The large selection of widgets allows them to easily interact at higher levels.

The company was impressed with the platform’s reporting capabilities, particularly those they could share with clients to demonstrate the effectiveness of their webinar marketing:

  • Engagement Score: Used for evaluating lead quality, the engagement score identifies those attendees who were more actively engaged during the webinar.
  • Benchmarking: Shows how a client registration-to-attendee conversion ratios and other metrics fared against those in their industry and in the top 10 overall.


Meeting Client Expectations, and Then Some

Using ON24 Webcast Elite, SmartBrief has delivered to its clients:

  • Significantly larger-than-promised audiences: A division within The Wall Street Journal had webinars that drew between 800 and 1,000 participants, quadrupling SmartBrief’s average webinar audience.
  • Individual viewer data for follow up: Several SmartBrief clients appreciate being able to identify how viewers answered a poll question, and use that data to initiate a dialogue during sales follow-up.


The Webcast Elite advanced features and breadth of interactive widgets have propelled SmartBrief’s webinar marketing to a higher engagement level. Participants actively:

  • Download resources and click on URLs embedded in the resource center
  • Engage in surveys and polls during and after the webinar
  • Ask the panelists questions directly versus blindly submitting questions


The company measures its program’s success in client satisfaction and repeat webinar sales, and since SmartBrief began using Webcast Elite in 2013, SmartBrief has 5 repeat customers.