Case Study

How ON24 has become the core of Retail Analytics experts RSi's marketing technology stack


Driving Industry Information-Sharing and Best Practices

Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi) is a global provider of big data and predictive analytics for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. RSi collects and transforms billions of data points about what shoppers buy every day and uses that information to provide actionable insights that drive better tactical and strategic decision-making at the corporate level and in the field.


RSi serves a broad target audience, from supply chain executives and the top 25 CPG companies in the US to small and medium business analysts. To reach that audience, they host a variety of webinars through the ON24 platform. Their lead-generation events are intended to drive new business in key markets, while customer marketing events improve lifetime value by sharing case studies and holding training.



Finding a partner for content marketing and ROI

Over the past year, RSi invested heavily in creating new content marketing assets. Now they’re exploring more options for repurposing and amplifying content once it has been created, in the spirit of getting the greatest possible marketing ROI from every asset. RSi and its do-more-with-less culture found ON24 to be an invaluable partner for creating and promoting content. And since live events could easily be re-run as on-demand webinars or re-edited and combined with new content to be turned into new simulive events, ON24 was a perfect fit for RSi’s content syndication strategies. While other marketing tech tools fell by the wayside, RSi continued to see a direct tie to revenue and marketing ROI through their ON24 webinars.


Crafting a truly interactive experience

RSI was using engagement and participation as metrics to measure the success of their webinar program. Fortunately, ON24 provided a wealth of options for adding interactive touch-points to their events.

RSi’s favorite ON24 tools helped them drive engagement with webinar attendees:

  • Integrated social media tools. RSi noticed that people watching webinars were also multitasking in other windows. By adding Twitter and LinkedIn tools to the webinar console, they were able to keep attendees in the webinar and paying attention through to the end.
  • Engagement-based Q&A. The Q&A box is one of the most-used webinar tools. RSi took even more advantage of it by asking questions throughout the webinar and collecting responses through the Q&A tool. At the end of the event, they would answer more questions live.
  • Real-time gamification. In the beginning of most webinars, RSi would tell the audience to “stay tuned” for a question or questions that would come later in the webinar. Once the question was posed, attendees would rush to submit their answers for a chance to win an iPad. They found that making the webinar fun led to higher engagement and participation.


A chance to really reach users

As a core component of RSi’s marketing technology stack, ON24 has consistently delivered measurable results for the retail analytics company. In a time when many companies are trying to get the most out of their tools, ON24 helped RSI maximize marketing ROI by effectively doing more with less:

  • Enhanced engagement. Average viewing time for RSi’s webinars is 56 minutes, which is a testament to user engagement. In fact, users are so engaged that over 50% of people who attended a lead generation webinar ended up attending another webinar.
  • Impressive conversion rates. RSi’s current registration conversion rate is at 98%, with attendee conversion rate hovering at 60%.
  • Better user groups. RSi holds regular user groups for their dedicated retail collaboration programs. These groups include big-name retailers such as Ahold, Delhaize, Family Dollar, Safeway, and Walgreens. Going forward, they plan to use ON24 to follow up each in-person user group with a webinar series to help users take advantage of new use cases and create wins of their own.