Case Study

How Lithium has developed a successful thought leadership webinar series using ON24


Delivering engaging webinars, reducing costs and time-to-market

Lithium connects companies with their most passionate, engaged social customers to deliver real business success. Providing a broad set of tools to leverage the social media universe, Lithium powers conversations for over seven million social customers every day, turning valuable knowledge into better, faster customer support, greater brand reach and awareness, and more revenue.

For many years, Lithium has used webinars as an important marketing tool to build brand/solution awareness and provide thought leadership on social networking issues and technologies. When they first started to deliver webinars, Lithium used basic web conferencing tools that offered limited scalability and functionality. These tools simply didn’t provide an engaging audience experience.

In 2010, Lithium started working with ON24 to develop a series of webinars utilizing ON24’s Webcasting Platform 10. Leveraging ON24’s “full service” webinar platform allowed Lithium to deliver fully branded webinars that provided a completely interactive customer engagement experience. While these events were incredibly successful, Lithium wanted to decrease their time-to-market with a self-service version of the Webcasting Platform 10 webinar platform.


ON24 Webcast Elite webinar platform for greater customer engagement and ROI

In 2011, Lithium started to deliver their webinars using ON24’s Webcast Elite webinar platform. The Elite user interface made it easy for the Lithium marketing team to create the same fully customizable and interactive webinars on their own, in just a few simple steps.

Using the Webcast Elite webinar platform, Lithium easily created a customized webinar console that featured their own logo and branding elements. Email invitations were delivered using the automated system, enabling Lithium to focus on developing their content. Lithium was able to deliver a fully interactive customer engagement experience complete with live chat, polling, Q&A and social media tools integrated directly into the webinar console.


Professional-quality webinars, boosted customer engagement, ROI

Using ON24’s Webcast Elite webinar platform, Lithium successfully re-launched their thought leadership webinar series with highly engaging, interactive experiences that invite greater customer engagement. Taking between 5-10 minutes to create each of the webinars, Lithium was able to quickly build their user console, upload content and create customized email invitations, all through the Elite interface, which was easily integrated with their Marketo automation software. This reduced the marketing team’s webinar workload by 40%, while decreasing their dependency on the internal IT staff. Cost per webinar was also reduced by 17%, further increasing ROI.